Tuesday, September 1, 2009

T Minus 24 hours

I can't write much because I am getting ready for work. But I wanted to let everyone know how our meeting with the lawyer went. It went ok. He is referring us to another lawyer and he will remain birthmom's lawyer. Which is fine with us. The "bad" news is that we do have to have the money up front. He said we would need about $5,000.00. Which is about a thousand more than we thought. So if you have noticed the change on facebook....that would be why.

We are not discouraged, just more determined. So the plan today is to call the new lawyer and set up another meeting. Tomorrow is the only day Justin and I both have off, so it will probably be sometime tomorrow.

We are still working on the t shirt sales, those should be coming very soon. I've been asking people if they would be interested in buying one or two and the response is nearly overwhelming. So I'm pumped about that. We should be able to meet the goal pretty quickly.

So thats where we are today. I'm headed to work now. Woo.

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