Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hadrian = Love

So I absolutely adore Hadrian. He is hands down the cutest little guy I've ever laid eyes on. He is just perfect. He has lots of dark hair. LOTS. Lizzie (his birth aunt) does his hair into a mohawk. Hadrian also has a teeenee tiny cleft in his chin.**swoon** It is the most adorable tiny cleft...

His umbilical cord fell off. Yay. It does make me sad that I have people telling me when things happen and what the dr says and this and that and how he likes to be held or burped....or whatever. Because I want to be the one telling others these things. I know I need to be patient, but sometimes its really hard. Especially being as close as we are to the goal...but not being quite there. It was hard to leave him today...empty arms...well they just suck...

I did, finally, change his diaper. He didn't pee on me...we have a verbal agreement that he won't pee on me...but he has my blessing to pee on others...ha.

My mom and Kenton were able to meet him tonight. Kenton even held him for a bit. It really cracked me up because I think Hadrian has Kenton's nose. So it was funny to see them side by side.

Also, Julie invited me over one day to basically see his schedule. Wow. That makes this feel so much more real. I mean, I know that this is happening and it isn't a dream. But talking about his schedule just really hit me. I don't know. I am not even sure MY schedule will allow it for me to visit like that, because of days off and certain fundraisers and stuff...but I'm certainly going to try...who wouldn't want to spend the day with beautiful Hadrian.

Ah. So I'm exhausted.

Praying for peace...and sleep...and peaceful sleep...won't you join me in that prayer :)

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