Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silent Auction Stuff...***edit***

I've been meaning to get a list going for quite a while...But we've just been so busy. So here is what we've gotten so far. We might still have a few more things come in, I'm not sure.

4 movie passes to Cinemark Movies 10

$25 Gift certificate for Red Lobster

4 Free Buffets to CiCi's Pizza

2 Cute as Pie headbands from Lindsey

A necklace/bracelet/earring set from Jordan

3 afghans made and donated by my lovely grandma

2 small decorative quilts

1 free sub from Quiznos

A small curling iron donated by Sally's

A pink scrapbook that says "He's Mine" on the front

Bob the Builder wall appliques

An antique Japanese tea serving table

2 antique dolls

Tae kwon do punching bag and accessories

An awesome drawing of Ronald Reagan by Jerid

A customized Illustration by Jerid...the winner of this auction will give Jerid a picture and he'll draw it...its pretty cool stuff....

An orange tote with a scarf and a necklace from Maurices

Original artwork by Jeni

$100 gift certificate for a tattoo by Arin from Sharp Images in Orrville :)

$10 gift card to Longhorn

1lb of Pike Place Roast Coffee, 1lb of Anniversary Blend and a Coffee Starbucks coffee mug

$10 gift certificate to Troyer's Home Pantry

Basket of dressings and syrups from Bob Evans

$25 gift card to Lehman's Hardware

Free haircut by Sheila from our church :)

2 oak shelves (I'm unsure of the size, but I'll update that as soon as I know)

I may have forgotten something, but I think that is it. If I think of anything else or we get anything else I'll update the list...

We got a few more t-shirt sales and another donation and our total is now over $3,000!!! Praise the Lord! We are doing so well. I'm really hoping we'll have Hadrian home by the end of the month. We got to hang out with him and his birth family again yesterday. He is amazing. I can not wait til we can bring him home. This time we were able to take Justin's mom Tawny and Alex. Alex is an amazing older brother...he's had lots of practice...It was really nice to see him hold his baby brother so gently. It was a great time and I am so thankful they will let us bring our families in to their home.

I've got a wedding today, so nothing really happening on the adoption front...unless I take my t shirt order form with me to the wedding...hmmmmmmmmm....

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