Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Updates everywhere...

First of all...I just wanted to the world to know that my little brother got his temps today...so watch for him out on the road! So there is my fair warning...

Ok, on to adoption related things...Birthmom is being induced tomorrow. It is earlier than we were hoping...but we will deal with this like anything else with this adoption. One day at a time. Our contact will call us as soon as he is delivered and we will decide from there whether we will go on up to the hospital. I'm thinking that we will go even if all we can do is peer in at him through the nursery window.

We are still fundraising. But it is coming in. Praise the Lord. We are selling t shirts like there is no tomorrow....At least I feel like I am. We are also going to be doing a CiCi's Pizza donation night thing. Basically you advertise that you will be at CiCi's collection donations and you collect receipts from people as they pay...at the end of the night you turn in the receipts and then CiCi's sends you a check for a percentage of the amount in sales. So we are doing that Sept 17th, from 4-8 at the Massillon CiCi's.

And then there will be a pancake breakfast. We are planning that for Sept 26th. We are hoping to also have a silent auction. Basically between work, homestudy stuff, baby stuff, and fundraising stuff I will be one busy person. I'm dealing with the stress as it comes...Sometimes it just hits me like a huge wave and I have to sit back and remember just who brought us here. He knows what he is doing. He has always known. And with that comes an amazing Peace that only He can provide. That is where I need to be mentally from here on out. Trying not to focus on the what ifs, but on the Lord.

And that catches everyone up...

Tonight, I probably won't be getting much sleep.

And tomorrow Hadrian will be born. What an amazing thing.


  1. It's so exciting :) Hopefully you can hold him soon

  2. Hi Leah! It's so exciting and I am thankful to be able to help your auction with my jewelry! And was Hadrian born yet? So exciting!!! See you soon.