Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Study Visit 1 and 2...

So yesterday was the first home study visit. Today was the second. It has been a rough couple of days to be honest. Its one thing to answer questions about yourself but then to have your house judged as someone walks through it1. Its not fun. But I know it will be worth it.

I don't know why I bother worrying, because really in the end it is all handled. Of course. I knew it would be.

Yesterday she focused on Justin. She seriously asked him questions for like 2 hours straight. They are deep personal questions so its not easy. Today was me. I was a mess at work ALL day. Today was her actual walk through of the house too, checking for safety issues. I was seriously nervous that she had her giant red *FAIL* stamp ready to go...but of course in the end, everything was fine.

So even though only one fraction of the work is done, it is slowly coming together. We background checks and also clearance from the child abuse list, fingerprints, a financial statement, pet immunization forms, and a few other odds and ends. It seems like a never ending list of things to go through. I know we will get there. But even though this was just the home study visits, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This is the part I was dreading the most. And now its over.


Another amazing thing happened to me today. The birthmom's cousin, is my friend from work. She called me yesterday telling me that she needed to give me something. I assumed it would be a cute little outfit. Today she handed me a card...with a large donation in it! I was shocked. She proceeded to tell me that her father's side of the family has 13 siblings and a long while ago they decided to not do Christmas present exchanges, instead they would adopt a family and donate money to them. This year my friend's mom and dad were in charge and her mom came up with the idea to adopt us. She sent a mass email to the family saying "Christmas is coming early, lets adopt this couple because they are adopting one of us". *tears* I was speechless. My friend says there is more coming. I am so thankful...


I am thankful that I listened to the Lord. I heard him call and I didn't back down. We moved forward...and we are still moving forward...until we bring him home. Hadrian is a blessing, even now, unborn. Wow. I know this guy is going to do great things in the Kingdom and I can't wait to see them happen!

And again I say...Rejoice!!

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