Friday, September 4, 2009

T-shirt sales...

So it looks like we might finally be rolling with the shirt sales. We have picked a design and we are now trying to figure out if we will be able to ship the shirts. I mean, we will be able to ship the shirts we just need to figure out how and how much it will cost the shirt buyer. Or something. It is getting late and I can barely think.

We will be selling the shirts for two weeks for sure. We will then place an order and if we need to keep selling shirts, or people want to keep buying them, we will sell another batch. I'm hoping we can get enough sold in the first batch but I'm prepared to sell t shirts for as long as I need to.

Today we got our fingerprints done. It is very interesting how they are done electronically. It was also more expensive than we anticipated. But so is everything with this adoption. We better just get used to it. Next week our cat and dog, Severus and Remy have an appointment with the vet. We need to get them caught up with their shots and then the next week we have a Dr visit for our physicals. Well, hopefully the Dr will do our physical. We are patients of her's from her old practice, so technically we are "new patients" and have to go through the whole process, but we will certainly give her the adoption sob story so maybe she won't make us come back for another visit.

I also need a copy of my birth certificate...That little piece of paper is always so elusive. I have requested a copy of that so many times...driver's license, passport, marriage sad that after every use, i lose it. This time it will go directly into the fire safe where it will happily stay until I need it again...

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