Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Step at a Time...

Well. Its been over a week since I updated. Please excuse my absence. It may be a cop-out to say this, but really...we've been busy.

We had the Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction on Saturday. It went okay. We went in to that needing $1700 and walked away needing about $800. So that was a great feeling. Being under $1,000...It also felt great to be done with the whole pancake thing. That was the biggest headache with this adoption. I don't think I'll ever, for the rest of my life, even consider doing anything that even resembles it. It was hard. Totally worth it, but so hard.

Well since then we've gotten a few donations and are currently a little over $500 away from our goal! Yay!! We have been so humbled by everyone's generosity and out pouring of love. It has been amazing. So we have a few more things to do to finish up the home study. I need my birth certificate, so we are going to the post office shortly to overnight our request for that. We also need to get Justin's employer reference. We are just waiting on that to come back from them. My dad is getting finger-printed tomorrow....and from there...we. are. done! So even though we didn't meet the goal of bringing Hadrian home before the end of September, I am proud to say we have moved through this very quickly and he will be home soon! Very soon.

We were able to see him on Monday. Justin was able to feed him. *swoon* Is there anything more wonderful than seeing the man you love take care of a baby...We are continuously amazed by Hadrian's brith family. They are such sweet people. We will hopefully get to see him again sometime this weekend. Maybe Sunday, not sure.

Last night we were able to spend a few hours with our good friends Kari, Matt, and their son Zach. They are a great family and have been so supportive of us through everything. They had a house fire a year before we did...and they adopted Zach three years ago...Coincidence? I think not. I fully believe that the Lord blessed us with these friends to help guide us through and to give us someone who we can share things with. Even though I wouldn't want anyone to go through a house fire, I'm not gonna lie...It has been a relief to have others who know what it feels like. Anyway, Kari and Matt have been great and it was wonderful to get to see them for a few hours.

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