Thursday, April 15, 2010

Full Circle

So tonight...I feel like we have come full circle...Sept 2 was the day of our first home study visit and tomorrow, April 16 we will have our final post placement visit.

The last one!

Praise the Lord!

We are so excited to be closing this chapter of Hadrian's story.

Our countdown continues...we are at 17 days until finalization. We got our final petition to the courts that we have to sign and mail. It is just so cool to be seeing and saying words like "last" and "final" and of course "finalization".

I was explaining our whole story to someone at work. She had a few questions about the whole waiting 6 months to finalize. I was happy to answer them...but it really got me thinking again about just how blessed we are. We haven't had any worries about the adoption being contested. We haven't had any issues with the birth family at all. We are actually close with them. We still refer to them as Grandpa K and Grandma J and of course Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Mike. I am thankful they get to be a part of his life.

I have so much to be thankful for. We used to sing a song at said "Count your blessings name them one by one...count your blessings to see what God hath done" When I do this I get so overwhelmed. When I think about all the blessings we have encountered as a couple I am just grateful to our Lord. He has blessed us over and over again even in the darkest night when it seemed our cries would never end. He was there.

I could marvel forever at the blessings bestowed upon us...but I would rather encourage others to look remember to count your blessings. Sometimes the world gets to us and its easy to look at all of our misery and mistakes...It happens to everyone. People have bad days. But nothing will get you out of a funk faster than thinking and dwelling on our blessings.

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  1. Something just caught in my throat. Count Your Blessings is one of the songs I sing to my little one each night as he's getting ready for bed. 1) It took Hubby and I 2.5 years to get pregnant and I thought it might never happen. 2) I'm so grateful that my little guy is healthy and happy. 3) I want him to grow up knowing how much of a blessing he is; and that we should focus more on our blessings than on the things we wish we had, but don't.