Tuesday, April 20, 2010

13 Days

I really thought that time might slow down as we approached our finalization, but in reality...time hasn't slowed at all.

I guess it is a blessing...that of course we are moving forward in the adoption. And soon Hadrian will legally ours...but it just reminds me that his "baby days" are quickly slipping through my fingers.

Hadrian's first two teeth popped through. You can barely see them, but boy can you feel them! It was another bittersweet moment. He is growing up, yay! Soon countered by the...he's growing up...oh no! I surely will miss these days of babyhood. But I realize how blessed I am to be the one to watch him grow.

As we near finalization, Hadrian's birth mother is on my mind. I've been praying for her since we found out about the impending birth of Hadrian...but lately I've added some prayers. Hadrian's birth mom has issues that are different than a lot of birth mothers, and I can't really talk about them in a public forum...But we are grateful to her...she has given us the life she created. We get to to be the ones that he cries for. We get to be the ones to watch him learn something new. We get to be the ones he covers in slobbery kisses and the ones he lays his head on when he is tired. We get to be the ones who receive the compliments on his adorableness. I get to be mommy and Justin gets to be daddy...all because of her sacrifice for him.

So as he learns something new, or tries something for the first time...I am reminded of one woman's sacrifice...Her sacrifice so that I can be the witness to the amazing life she created.

We are 13 days away. I am so happy...but as these 13 days come and go, I am struck with bittersweet thoughts. But I am thankful beyond words...


  1. Love you momma. :) - Wertzie

  2. :) I'm so happy for you, and I'm glad I met you because of Hadrian. *hugs*

  3. What an amazing blessing. I'm so glad I'm able to read about your experiences with adoption. Hubby and I hope to adopt someday and it's so encouraging to read about others who are able to. And a big, fat thanks to all of the parents who are willing to release their children to a family who is longing to expand and is willing to love their child that much. As a sister of adopted siblings and a hopefully someday mum of adopted little ones, you are such a blessing.

  4. Kiersten, thanks. Its true birth families are a big blessing.

    Adoption has totally changed my life...I hope that someday you and your Hubs will be able to experience this joy :)