Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its about time

We found out from our lawyer last week that we finally have a court date! I am soooo excited. I haven't started counting down just yet...but our court date is May 3, 2010 at 3pm. They said they like to get it as close to 6 months post placement as possible...I had no idea that it would be almost exactly 6 month. It is 180 days and one hour from our previous court date! Whoa! How awesome.

I'm also very excited because even though we were planning on celebrating Mother's Day whether we had gone to court or not...we will *legally* be Hadrian's parents. So I will legally be allowed to celebrate the holiday :) I'm pretty stoked about that.

We are currently trying to figure out exactly how to celebrate this amazing milestone. Not sure if a quiet family gathering or a huge celebratory bash (which, of course probably wouldn't be that huge...) would be more fitting...Just weighing our options at this point...But I'm thinking inviting people out to eat. That way the cost would be minimal for us...and no planning (except maybe calling ahead for a reservation) needed...But I just don't know...

About a week and a half ago...I met Hadrian's birthmom. She is so cute. She was quiet, of course and I was on break at work plus I wasn't expecting to meet her at that moment. It was kind of awkward, I'm not gonna lie...but it was still pretty cool. I asked Lizzy the next day if she said anything about me. Lizzy said "she didn't say anything to me...but mom told me that she said you seem great and she is glad that you are raising her son" I froze momentarily. I think my heart stopped. I was hoping for a "yeah she didn't think you were a total loser"...but I got so much more.

It is a trend with our adoption. We are continuously blessed. Over. and. Over. It never ends. And I am still caught off guard. It still catches me. It still makes my heart skip a beat. I know the Lord answers prayers...and I've always known it...but now I know know it.

This past weekend Alex wanted to wear Hadrian in the mei tai. I of course want to promote brotherly bonding in any way I it is super cute to see men/boys baby wearing. Justin helped me tie it on him, which was harder than I expected...I can throw the baby on my back by myself (thanks to loooooots of practice) but getting him tied onto a little body was tough. Alex probably only wore him for 10 minutes...but it was enough to snap a bunch of pictures. I absolutely love to spread the babywearing love...and I hope that Alex will maybe someday use this for his own kiddos.

Ahh, my boys are amazing. I am thankful for all three of them.


  1. Thank you for blogging again! And for all the great pictures! I had kept checking the blog from time to time and figured you were so busy being a new mommy that you were too busy to write, so great to read your blogging again! :0)

  2. How cute! Do you feel secure with the Mei Tai on your back? We have a Moby Wrap, and I'm still not comfortable putting Cory on my back in it.

  3. Well I usually feel pretty secure. there are times i feel like it isn't...but if that is the case, I take it off and re-tie. I've only done a back carry in the house...I do a regular front carry for out in public...I can bring the mei tai with me the next time we do a pick up and you can try it out. It takes a lot of practice (well, for me) but i'm getting good. I'd looove to get a nice woven wrap...but we'll see.

  4. I just read this article and thought of you. Hope you and your family are doing well!