Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Past Year

Today is our one year anniversary of being a family of 4. 365 days ago we walked in to a court room and talked to a judge...we walked out with a piece of paper in our hand saying that we could pick up our son. I can still remember almost every minute of that day. Justin went out that morning...and I can't remember where he went, I do however remember wishing he was home because I was beyond stressed and knew he was the only one that could bring me back down to earth.

We drove to Hadrian's grandparent's house where we were welcomed with open arms. Hadrian was asleep when we got there. We stayed for awhile. We didn't want to rush their good byes. At that point none of us were sure what our future relationships would be so we wanted them to hug and hold him as much as the wanted. We eventually left and went straight to my job. And from there, we came home...and from home we went to Justin's parents house. I'm pretty sure that once we left the house for court, I didn't sit still for longer than 20 minutes.

And Justin wouldn't let me change my clothes! He made me stay dressed up. I wore a purple shirt...and I'm pretty sure that Lizzy told me that Hadrian's birth mom also wore purple. I found that fact very interesting...

This year...we didn't really do anything special. I let Hadrian stay in his pajamas all day. And we played. And we snuggled on the couch. And we sang. And we waited for Daddy to get home. It was a perfect day...much like this same day last year.

Hadrian has really taken off. He is nearly 14 months old. He loves music and will stop everything he is doing to dance a little and clap when he hears it. No matter if someone is singing it, or he hears a short jingle on tv. Its very sweet. He especially likes Michael Buble's The Best is Yet to Come and the theme song to the Golden Girls. He knows the signs for "more", "cookie", and "milk". And can say "Hi/hey", "dad/dada", "mama", "bye", "ki-ki" (kitty), "Sevs" (Severus, our cat's name), "puuuup" (puppy), "ba" (ball), "pappy" (papaw), and "pop". He is constantly talking, and gibbering, but these are the things I am sure he is saying. He loves phones...and will turn anything in to a phone, including his blocks, shoes, any toy really, remotes, books, and his hands...just to name a few of his favorites. He is so smart and loves to mimic anything everyone does. He covers his mouth with his hand when he coughs! This boy loves to walk/jump/run and is constantly exploring. He especially loves to explore the cat food.

Hadrian is a sweet, snuggly boy that loves to give kisses. And every day I am thankful that I get to receive his sweet kisses.

I am blessed beyond words, and everyday I still marvel at the fact that the Lord brought this child in to our lives.

Happy 1 year home Hadrian!

Lizzy sent me this picture on the morning of court.