Monday, May 3, 2010

We are officially and legally done!

Wow. What a journey.

250 days since finding out about our little one, who was soon to be born, we are now legally his parents. Not just the way cool people who get to wipe up his drool and change 4+ poopy diapers a day...nope...not anymore. Now we are the way cool parents who get to call him son [for forever]. Now we are the way cool parents who get to teach him to walk...and talk...and how to obey...and how to wait his turn [because waiting is so worth it]. Now we are the way cool parents who get to watch him grow up and find his voice in this crazy world. Now we are the way cool parents who get to tell him about his biological family and his birth family AND his forever family. We are the way cool parents who get to teach him to be proud of our family.Now we are the way cool parents who get to pick him up when he falls and to teach him about God...and how to treat his future wife..

Today I woke up as his Mommy and tonight I go to bed as his Mother.

Court was super easy. I'm not gonna lie...I was nervous. I knew we had nothing to worry about...the adoption wasn't contested but that just didn't put me at ease. Nothing did...But we were surrounded by family. And it all happened so quickly. The judge asked similar questions as to the first time we were at court. He complimented us because our friends wrote great things for us in our references...Then he said Congrats...We took tons of pictures and our friend Melissa took a video of the whole 3 minutes. Haha.

So today our family is officially a family of 4. 4 feels good [for now] :)

I am so excited about where our family is headed. I know the Lord has big plans for this little man that is sleeping in our room. I can't wait to watch them all unfold. How blessed am I that I get a front row view of it?!? Tonight my prayers are with Hadrian's birth Mommy. She is facing some tough times. We don't know the details of her current problems, but my heart aches for her. Every time I look at my son I think of the sacrifices she made to make my family complete. This year we are celebrating Hadrian's birth Mommy on May 8th...In the world of adoption, the day before Mother's Day is Birth Mother's day...and with out our birth mother, I wouldn't be able to celebrate my most coveted holiday. So if you all would, just remember Hadrian's birth mommy in your prayers. Today I did text a little bit with [Aunt] Lizzie. She said that they were all happy and excited for us. And that her mom [Hadrian's birth grandma, incase you were lost...]"knew how we felt and couldn't be happier for us". We've said it before...and it was more prevalent when we were visiting them when they had Hadrian...but Justin and I honestly felt like they adopted us...They are our extended family now. And we feel blessed about that.